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This is a list of things I blog/reblog. Like this post if you also blog about:

  • Love/Romance
  • Cutesy boyfriend/girlfriend stuff (kissing, hugging, lovey stuff)
  • Mixed/interracial couples
  • Love quotes
  • Cute anime/manga
  • Galaxies and outer-space
  • Cherry Blossoms/trees/
  • Forest scenes
  • Mori girl fashion
  • Neo-Victorian girl fashion
  • Underwater and ocean/sea scenes
  • Sun sign in Aries OR Aquarius
  • Moon sign in Pisces OR Capricorn
  • Male Aquarius 
  • Female Aries
  • Nighttime and moon related things

 I will follow you, even if you don’t follow me, but it would be very appreciated as this blog is just starting out. :3

love romance boyfriend girlfriend couple true love love blog mixed couple interracial couple love quotes love quote galaxies outer space space cute anime manga shojo kawaii cherry blossoms forest nature mori girl mori victorian neo victorian pisces aries aquarius pisces moon

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